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Supporting Your Growth Journey

Leader Development Programs you can leverage as is, or with light configuration.  These can function as standalone or within one of your established development programs.  

Early Career KickStart: An Early Career Development Program that provides a "real talk" view of Career Development, that moves beyond "how do I get promoted?" to "how do I stay competitive, expand contribution, create options, expand personal agency and enjoy deeper career satisfaction?" Target Audience - those with less than 10 years of working experience.

Veteran Career Boost: A flexible Early-to-Mid Career Development Program that addresses the challenge for veterans to progress to Director+ roles on timing equal to their peers.  It addresses some elements of the service experience that may need to be unlearned for success in a different culture.  Target Audience - those who are leaving the military through senior leader level.

Women Rise: A Mid Career Development Program that addresses the unique challenges of leading others and growing a career as a woman, and the irony of having to be a trailblazer, without letting your "edge" show.  Target Audience - leaders who are senior managers or directors.

Whole Life Balance Workshop: A workshop offering that empowers employees at all levels to review their personal values and take stock of their satisfaction across 12 segments of Whole Life.  The Whole Life Balance practice is an easy to use tool that creates awareness, and counters the phenomena of comparing ourselves to others.  Suitable for All Audiences

ChangeMaker: Our Signature Senior Leader Development Program that focuses on leading at the Organizational Level, tying our work to strategy, leading across boundaries, stakeholder management and communicating vision.  This Program includes Leader Assessment, 360 and 1-year of Executive Coaching to ensure skills learned become habits. Target Audience - C-suite and their direct reports

SPARK, ReIgniting Growth: A flexible Executive Leadership Development Program designed to guide a team through a crucible moment with a new business direction, and an opportunity to work in radical new ways as a team.  This program is ideal with a CEO Transition, a market transaction, senior team changes or when experiencing major industry change.  It is paired with Strategic Planning and fosters alignment, creates personal connection and advances team trust to support the road ahead.  This program can include Executive Team Coaching.  Target Audience - CEO and their Executive Leadership Team

Organization Development - Assessment & Design: A process to assess your Organizational Needs and determine how effectively each element of your current Organization Design supports your Organization's Performance Goals and Objectives.  This assessment takes into account the Organizations Mission, Stakeholder Needs, Required Results and Purpose. 

Target Timing - As needed, with a refreshed business strategy or mission, new stakeholders or performance gaps vs expectations

Other Strategic Advisory Services: Executive Coaching, CEO Transition, Strategic Career Transition Coaching, Strategic Planning, Talent Strategy, Board Retreats and facilitated Team Development.

High Impact Learning Experiences to Support Your Growth Journey


Listen to what our clients have to say...

Strategic Transition Client
VP, Product Management

I had come into the conversations thinking that based on my seasoned experience as a product leader, I would be taking steps backwards if I didn’t follow a natural progression in that line of work. Fran encouraged me to evaluate less obvious paths and was instrumental in helping evaluate my skills and discover transferable strengths. 


Thanks to Fran’s expertise and unwavering encouragement, I am now thriving in my new role. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Fran. Her guidance will undoubtedly help you navigate the job market and open up new and exciting opportunities

Whole Life Balance Workshop 
New England HR Association Annual Conference Attendee

"This was the best presentation across the entire conference"

360° Energy Leadership™ Client
Founder & Entrepreneur

"Fran provided powerful insights that I could put immediately to use in my business while also helping me consider ways to experience long-term growth."

Executive Coaching Client
Engineering Leader

"Our very first conversation was very thought provoking and I felt as though I immediately had a clearer image of where I am at right now in life.  I'm flourishing in a new way."

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