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ChangeMaker Leaders build resilience and agility to anticipate resistance, manage uncertainty and accelerate momentum

In a dynamic and fast paced world, strategic execution requires organizations to adapt and change.  Equipping leaders to design and navigate change as your business evolves is essential. This custom ChangeMaker Program is a 13-month, hands on learning experience that supports your business, enabling leaders to lead major value creating change. 


ChangeMaker Leaders build resilience and agility to anticipate resistance, manage uncertainty and accelerate positive momentum and impact.

Program Highlights

Consultation with Participant and Organization Sponsor

Level set on organizational context and critical needs, establish relationship with sponsoring organization and sponsor

Energy Leadership Index™ & Individual Debrief

Create awareness on Participants typical energetic approach, and how they operate under stress; develop common language for a more intentional approach

Goal Setting and Initial Project Planning

Finalize business and learning goals for the Change Initiative; Craft initial project plan and key milestones as Executive Summary

Community of Peers from other organizations

Guided experiential learning and small group development exercises

Participants apply knowledge and tools to their individual change initiatives and fine-tune execution

3 Day In-Person Leadership Development and Project Planning Retreat

12 Months of 
1-1 Executive Coaching

Regular ChangeMaker coaching to support ChangeMaker habits and advance goals in a supported way

Measure Success & Celebrate

Reflect on results, and celebrate the wins as a collective community

Check-ins and Virtual Webinars

Reconnect with Community of Peers, enhance support for ChangeMaker, build network

360° Feed-Forward

With insight from supervisors, peers, and direct reports, get a true baseline of where you are and where you can make adjustments

ChangeMaking is not easy

You've found a great talent, you've set them up to lead a major initiative for your organization and you have every intention of supporting them - then reality sets in.  You are busy, and they very likely may need more support than you can provide.  ChangeMaking is difficult, and this ChangeMaker program is designed with the highs and lows in mind.  We enable leaders with knowledge, we provide tools and techniques, we plan together and we support execution very personally to ensure success.  You want sustainable, measurable results.  We're here to help you accomplish that.

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